About Our Herbalist and Our Tonic Products



Lead Herbalist, Executive

Sarah Adams is professionally trained in Traditional Western Herbalism, Yoga and Ayurveda, whole foods nutrition and Chinese Five Element Theory. She brings her love of plants and life into everything that she does. She opened her brick and mortar apothecary in 2012, teaching and serving her community and formulating herbal blends based on the needs and responses of her clients.  Born from this, Everyday Alchemy Tonic Company was founded as a nutritious effective plant based solution to incorporating the healing power of plants into your everyday experience.

About our products:

We craft small batch plant based wellness tonics, formulated by trained herbalists, from regionally sourced, organic and sustainably wildcrafted herbs and local raw honey, that are both delicious and good for you.  Being a tonic, each product is gentle enough for everyday use while providing health promoting benefits that increase with use over time.

 What are Tonics?

A tonic herb is one which is gentle enough to use everyday while invigorating and promoting tone, promoting an overall greater sense of balance in body spirit and mind.

Our herbal tonics are preparations of health promoting tonic herbs carefully formulated to be balanced and pleasing to the palate while increasing vitality and balance.

How are they made?

A water based decoction reduced slowly over time then preserved with local raw honey and organic raw apple cider vinegar for added health and protective immune enhancing benefits.

Do they contain alcohol?

No, all of our products are food based and alcohol free!  While alcohol can be effective and extracting many medicinal constituents it will not preserve the vitamin and mineral content and whole food goodness we look for in gentle Everyday tonics.

How long before I know if it works?

We always recommend giving one month at least to let the herbs work with your body and see how you feel.  Like much in herbalism they have an accumulative effect, meaning you will notice increased benefits with use over time.

How long can I take them for?

As with all herbal remedies we recommend 6 weeks on 2 weeks off.  With that you can use them as long as you like.