Practices for Resilience

March 19, 2020

Practices for Resilience

Dearest Beautiful Friends,

In the light of our current health crisis we want to encourage you all to remember our plant allies, they are and have always been here for us.  There are many ways to do this, many of them involve just a moment to breath and connect.

Step outside, see who is popping up, we have new lemon balms, plantains, nettles, yarrow, clary sage calendula in bloom and so many more.

Make tea and have a seat.  Make your children, spouses and family tea as well.  We have been making a lot of Licorice teas as my son loves them and they are very immune-enhancing and protective to the throat and respiratory system.  Others we are loving: Chamomile, Peppermint, Milky Oats, Nettle, Green Tea.  

At night I refer to the bookcase for wisdom from my teachers, I am remembering much potent information from the materia medica of Micheal Moore's medicinal plant guides for one, as well as reminders of Strength from Ayurvedic texts. 

Take your tonics regularly as strengthening health promotion and in the case of illness remember those herbal remedies that have always been there for you.

I also wanted to share with you some other things that we have been practicing in real time, as well as simple concepts to connect with our environment, our families, our calm, centered heart.

Getting into the sunshine.  Remember that even on a cloudy day the sun is shining behind the clouds, get outside. Sunlight cleans and rids of pathogens. Sunlight is essential to Vitamin D production which has shown to be essential to health in winter and times of large illness, which correlate with widespread Vitamin D deficiency and lack of sunlight.

Collecting fresh herbs and plants.  We are planning a nettle pie at home and just made a birthday lasagna with nettles.  We are eating pea shoots and chives, fresh rosemary and garden herbs, anticipating the continued growth of our lemon balm, which has wonderful soothing antiviral properties.  We have plantain sprigs and we are picking fresh new yarrow leaves to rub and inhale the beautiful protective oils.

We are planting seeds and tending to starts, currently we have beets and carrots, calendulas, kales and spinach, peas. onions, flowers for beauty, all popping up in the greenhouse.

We are drinking our tonics daily. We made a batch of Elderberry tonic to share with community.  I am finding Simma' Down to be an incredible ally in times of stress and unease.

Keeping calm and carrying on while practicing common sense.

We are staying home.  And very busy there are usual.  We are hatching new chicks while collecting eggs to eat and share with neighbors and giving thanks to our chickens.

We are walking our dogs, sharing love with them and maintaining cardio and respiratory health by getting outside for lots of hill climbing!

We are listening to Stevie Wonder❤️

Taking baths of Epsom salts and calming cleansing essential oils such as Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Firs.

Practicing what my teacher Asa Dustin taught us a Buddha Mudra, Smiling.  Do this when you see others, it promotes calm, relaxed being and connection.

Meet others gaze and practice, even if silently, Namaste, The light in me sees the light in you. This will in a moment spread connection and calm in your community.

Keep your mind Strong. Be honest with how you feel, don't bottle it in, do your best to Let it Go. Work to be Sensible and let fear wash away.

Practicing Yoga, Practicing Breathing, if nothing else lay down and put your Legs up the Wall!

Playing with the children, laugh with them, play with them, do everything to allow them to feel safe and secure.

We are baking banana bread and cooking large pots of health enhancing chicken stock broth.

Actively Supporting and enhancing Local food chains.

Remembering that we are practicing measures to keep our communities healthy.  Supporting Community is Key.

Wherever you are in the world may a word of this inspire you and add to the health of your day.

We love you so much!  Please Be in Touch.


Sarah Adams

Everyday Alchemy Tonic Co.

Love Plants, Love Yourself, Green the World

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