Wellness Wednesday

February 19, 2020

Wellness Wednesday

Welcome to a beautiful day friends, we are joyous to bask in the warm sun of late winter here in Northern California and hope that you are all cozy and nourished wherever you are.  As we feel the tides picking up, with Springtime activity slowly... and quickly approaching... we feel immensely the call to cultivate inner harmony for the tasks of today and the continued seasons ahead.

One of the most important aspects of wellness is how we show ourselves love.

Whether that be a quick affirmation in the morning mirror, permission to go to bed when you feel done with the day, or taking a moment to connect with others in authentic ways.  You are your most important asset and the gift of health you continue to grant yourself will resonate infinitely in the gifts that you are able to share with the world.

One of our favorite forms of self care is an herbal bath. Step in with a cup of warm lemon water or herbal tea sweetened with our Simma' Down tonic blend and set your mind at loving ease.


1/2-2 cups epsom salts

5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil blend, if you don't have one, lavender oil is relaxing, tension releasing, aromatic and cleansing.

Sprinkle of dried or fresh flower petals, our go to is rose which we keep a jar of next to the bath for ease, the kids love it and they are fun to catch!  

Last ingredient is you!

A simple herbal bath feels ultimately luxurious and can relax the muscles and mind and reset the entire week ahead. It is a great idea to moisturize soon after, especially in wintertime where keeping the skin moisturized will keep a calm and productive mind and help protect against cold and winter illness.

May you feel the permission this week to grant yourself a minute, an hour, or a full day to self care this week and see how it nourishes and feeds your sense of self and your relation to the world around you.


Drink plenty of water

Take three deep intentional breaths of fresh air

Move your body...

Practice kindness and compassion with yourself and may you see these qualities grow in your interactions with others.

And while restocking your self-care cabinet please enjoy a 10% off your next order of Simma' Down or any of our herbal tonic blends.


 In Joy, 

Sarah Adams

Everyday Alchemy Tonic Co.


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